Welcome to the very first installment of a special guest series done by a loyal (and mysterious!) reader, known to us as Dr. Trevor.  In this series Trevor analyzes the twisted minds of SCAPULA’s world of villains…and what villain could be greater than the one-shot WTF weirdo, Dog Doo Doug?! Take it away, Trevor!

Dog Doo Doug – Barring outright mental malady, Doug easily fits the ‘beat them at their own game’ concept. Sometimes people with lots of resources see the low end of life and think ‘look at them, they hatch plots and schemes, they make things happen, and here I sit on my pile of money and do little but dither away the time.’ They forget these people are trying to get resources of their own, or fighting poverty or starvation, or in the case of these characters, trying to make a name for themselves in the literally cut-throat world of crime, where rep and ego are almost the entire world.

When this happens, some people take the fact that even the lowest of the low have a game to play as a challenge. If you’ve beaten every boardroom meeting into line, wrestled every bank into place, and taken over or ruined businesses at your whim, you need something to challenge you. With superior resources to hide behind and pull off their schemes, and a quick mind used to the lightning shuffle of money, these people can usually make quite a go of it.

They use the lowest tactics and calling cards (such as dog poo), the most obvious smack-in-the-face approach (like foiling heists otherwise perfect), the most insulting means and methods. They cause embarrassment and loss of face. All the while they hide behind anonymity, bought by huge resources and the glare of public office or wealth, right in the open. They have to beat people at the lowest level and keep doing it to prove to themselves they can play the game. They don’t know why the game exists and don’t care, only that they’re the best, most recognized player.

And then they forget who they’re dealing with.

These people are used to dealing with people of like means. Once such a person is outmanuevered, they get nervous or impressed, because they have a lot to lose. They may even look at the work done and think they have something to learn from their opponent, who inevitably comes to light in the financial world, since money is tracked easily in huge sums and most companies are public trade interests. Having millions riding on your new boss’ whim is something you sit up and pay attention to. Even the mafia sometimes works this way.

Someone willing to fight on street level with a very obvious look and specific, well advertised skill set and weapons of choice, known to all, is not someone who is EVER impressed with being thwarted. These are people to whom ego is all they have that matters. Even lower, the gang lords, safe crackers, bank robbers, and skilled thugs simply get enraged that their skill set is being thwarted, their hauls (which they rely on for better gear, shelter, and food) are being rendered useless or taken from them, their jobs sabotaged. These are people to whom a hit or a miss can spell disaster or another day eating and staying out of jail. A gang boss in particular can ill afford a loss of face unless their gang is 100 percent behind them. Otherwise those rewards for turning them in look awfully tempting, and there’s always a number 2 looking for the top spot of an established gang.

These are not people that a loss merely means a sunk company and smaller retirement fund to. A loss of face can literally mean death (or in this case, comparison to Scapula, an even worse fate!). They cannot afford a loss. Ever. Even if it’s a communal loss, it’s still a loss.

Invariably the upper class players seek to reveal themselves (what good is a crime if you’re never known for being the brilliance behind it, right? Works on TV, not so much on the street….). They get some of the better known or more powerful ones they’ve been pulling the wool over the eyes of together and seek to impress them by explaining their motives and power, and future plans, and life story and shoe size and lung capacity of the second kitten of their paternal father’s grandpa’s best friend to the nearest hundredth of a square inch.

And they die. Because they forgot they’re dealing with criminals, killers, and crazies, capable of any act of retribution. People who will never surrender to someone who can’t physically force them to, and certainly never to someone who has humiliated them repeatedly.