Doc Trevor continues his breakdown of the villains, even if some of them don’t break so easily!  Here’s Trevor on Throgor:

Throgor – Bullying is a common facet of humanity.  Any small difference and you are marginalized, ostracized, and bullied.  So when you have very, very large, very noticeable differences, well, it can get out of hand pretty quickly.

Looking like something from the bottom of the worst dumpster in town and smelling much the same can’t really be good for the self esteem.  Throgor no doubt faced his fair share of being pushed around and chased away, and he has simply hit the ‘Fine!  Let’s do this!’ threshold.  Simply put, he believes his own press, and his own press is that he’s a monster.  So being a monster, he goes out of his way to be one.

How does someone go about being a monster?  Well in his case it’s by finding the lowest social point, and grabbing a shovel.  He doesn’t just stink, he farts the place up, especially in a high class joint or venue.  He doesn’t just look disgusting, he smells it and revels in it.  He doesn’t just eat lousy, he eats people.  His humor is bottom barrel hicksville.  He’s violent, crude, and vile, and goes out of his way to be so…and had a natural edge to it in the first place.

But even the lowest of the low need some kind of companionship, and Throgor isn’t Scapula yet.  So he has discovered what so many other outsiders have learned: animals aren’t people.  If you can fit in and provide for them, and occasionally toss them around, they don’t care if you’re fat, green, and smell like a lake bottom.  Throgor’s feral personality and habits make him a natural for dealing with all manner of scavengers and predators.  He understands that to deal with them you have to be on top, and not put up with bull.  He’s aggressive, willing to knock a few heads, and knows about establishing pecking order.  This gives him a huge advantage with animals, and on top of that he can think, reason, and bust them out of zoos to boot.

Like an animal, and like any overly bullied kid, Throgor can be put in his place.  This does, however, take some effort as he is aggressive and surly.  He is frightening and tough, clearly has his lessons from the school of hard knocks, and does possess that killer instinct.  However, he isn’t actually powerful in the personal sense; his power is psychological, and with his animal allies.  As noted in his bio, he’s not much stronger than an average person, and likely about as healthy.  Someone willing to just give him the old Loony Tunes ‘Aaaaaaaaah, SHAAAAADAAAAAAP!’ whallop to the head would be perfectly capable of settling him down (Darkevilhelldeath-Man and Professor Graham Pah, for examples in recent memory).
Throgor does have some impressive qualities, objectively speaking.  He is a gifted, I would say brilliant, animal trainer, and his empathy with wild animals is borderline psychic by all appearances.  He is tough, and his survival skills are impressive (urban survival being one of the most difficult subsets of the skill to master).  He’s not easily intimidated or turned from his course.  Most impressively, he has a basic, subconscious grasp of psychological warfare and uses it to great effect.  Not to mention his stealth abilities…being able to bore a tunnel into a prison undetected, or sneak up on Hypnausea in ‘high alert’ mode after tailing him for some time, both of which are pretty impressive.  Another not-inconsiderable talent of his would appear to be his ability to operate in aquatic environs both comfortably and effectively…given that San Francisco has more than a little water around it.  Tack onto that his brawling skills and he is undoubtedly one of the more alarming dangers in the Scapula-verse.

Throgor clearly isn’t a leader, though, preferring subsistence or goonery.  No surprise, he’s more built for shock and awe and leading a charge.  That having been said he’s not an idiot and has a few things up his sleeve, not least of which is apparently an appreciation for fine music and jewelry.  Clearly he’s spent some time studying the finer things in life, even if he wouldn’t admit it to anyone else.  Like most people, he probably has an appreciation for things that would ruin his well designed image.  He does have a couple glaring weak points as well.  Like most people on the fringe, he is easily swayed by food or other necessities when times are on the lean side, and he’s clearly not going to be sticking his neck out for an employer anytime soon.  Unlike the animals he trains, his loyalty is clearly not absolute.  Also he is a poor fit to any plan requiring patience or subtlety.  Throgor also seems to have absolutely no faculty with firearms or melee weaponry of any sort.

In a nutshell, Throgor is a big, scary guy with a penchant for violence and cannibalism.  He has a small army of wild animals at his beck and call.  He’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty, he’s not scared easily, and he can get around his chosen environment easily, quickly, and probably better than most.  He’s not loyal, stupid, or really attached to anyone thus far.  Simplest terms: Fringe element loose cannon.  And freak of nature.