Great news for all of you supporters of Scap: the next and best volume yet in the complete series is coming to you via Kickstarter and Arsenal Comics & Games Publishing! The upcoming collection is appropriately titled SCAPULA:WORLD’S WORST VILLAIN.

This volume collects the stories beginning from the series’ 2013 relaunch, in a 150-page paperback edition. What’s even greater is that, as an exclusive to this book, all of the daily strips will be printed for the first time in full color!

Aside from the complete and uncensored stories from 2013 to mid 2014, this volume will also include a new character profile guide, extra Dadaman comics, a behind-the-scenes look at how Scapula comics are created, and a very special bonus: a ‘class picture’ of the Halloween Gang, where extra-generous Kickstarter backers can be included in the book!

The Kickstarter campaign launches on Monday, October 27th, one week from today. With your help, my beloved readers, we can make this very awesome book happen. Spread the good word about the bad villain, friends! We launch in seven little days!