It’s here! For those of you who didn’t participate in the successful Kickstarter fundraiser for the new book, fear not: SCAPULA World’s Worst Villain is now available for sale!

Continuing the complete book collection of the series, the latest volume is printed in a much larger format than before (meaning you wont have to strain yer little peepers readin’ it)!

SCAPULA World’s Worst Villain collects six complete storylines, beginning from the series’ 2013 relaunch. A major bonus is that all of the daily strips appear in color for the first time ever! Also features The Halloween Gang Class of 2014 (a ‘class picture’ spread profiling the punk kids in Scapula’s army), special limited series of comics from DADAMAN, extended character profiles, and ‘How to Ruin Comics the Scapula Way’, a behind-the-scenes chapter, revealing the complete process of creating the comics.

Click the image to see more, or mosey on over to the Scapula store!