¬†For those of you who enjoy reading your books on tablets, iPads, and Hitchhiker’s Guides, there’s a new collection of SCAPULA comics now available for digital release! SCAPULA: THE SUNDAY COMICS collects eleven¬†complete and uncensored stories from the first four years of the series (the ‘Sunday years’, so called because they updated on that day of the week…you remember, doncha?).

This 134-page collection is only available from Comixology and priced at the incredibly reasonable amount of $0.99. Fair, right?

SCAPULA: THE SUNDAY COMICS features the following stories: Rogue’s Gallery, Gangway, Darkevilhelldeath-Man Rising, Sinister Monster Doom Legion, Children are the Damned; or, Li’l Scapula, One Flew Over the Ku Klux Nest, Science Fiction Doubles Feature, Man of 1000 Failures, House of Scapula, Bone China, and The Jemini Killer.

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