COLLECTIVE OF HEROES – Home of great superhero webcomics on the web!

ADDANAC CITY – George Ford’s hilarious cartoon series.

The ADVENTURES OF THE 19XX – Retro-adventure serial.

BACÖN –  Single panel cartoons and silliness by Lonnie Millsap.

BEARMAN CARTOONS – Political/topical cartoons, with a sick twist.

CREEPHOUSE COMICS – Creators/publishers of The Haunter and more.

DADA HYENA – My previous webcomic (and Dadaman’s “origin” series).

FRANK & STEINWAY – Monsters are lazy bums.

FRANKENSTEIN SUPERSTAR– John Hazard’s marvelously drawn, monstrous comic.

THE HERO BUSINESS- Every comic trope that deserves a spanking gets a spanking.

SERENITY ROSE – Goth goodness and amazing artwork by Aaron Alexovich.

SOCIAL VERMYN – Grouchy, gross, and frankly quite proud of it.

SQUID ROW – Bridgett Spicer’s charming comic about coffee, art, and friends.

SULLENGREY (MY BLACKS DON’T MATCH!) -A pleasantly creepy comic.

TARA NORMAL – Howie Noeldechen’s kickass ghost hunter.

ZOMBIE BOY – Dead bodies and classic comic strip fun.