The painting in Hypnausea’s hands is the original  “La Belle Jardinierre” by the famous Dada/Surrealist Max Ernst.  This version has long been lost and considered permanently gone (so Lord knows what it’s doing here…), although Ernst would later create a slightly similar painting, “The Return of La Belle Jardinierre”.

So why is DEHD-Man controlling a Robot Brontosaurus anyways? How does that make sense?  In the earliest drafts of the current storyline, the giant robot was stolen from the “Walking With Dinosaurs” Ice Show; the Sinister Monster punks would have simply mounted it on a car and driven it down the street, creating a really phony rampage (while the populace just stared in confusion).  Although this sounded kind of funny, I ended up deciding that Darkevilhelldeath-Man, unlike Scapula, is a genuine threat, and thus changed the plot to actually include a giant robot that could be a citywide hazard.  Taking the villains seriously isn’t something I’ve done much in SCAPULA, so now it’s time to have some character development occur.