The most excruciating artists to deal with are always the ones with humongous egos and condescending, needlessly hostile attitudes. Oedipus here is a combination of an awful lot of them I’ve encountered in my time, and the parting thoughts were usually akin to what Scapula is thinking.


On a different topic, there are definitely friendly and talented artists that I am a fan of, including cartoonist David Reddick, creator of the webcomic Legend of Bill and more recently the King Features syndicated comic strip Intelligent Life.

David has been an ardent supporter of fellow comic-artists all over the world, so I thought I’d repay the kindness with some fan art (or ‘fanboy art’, if you’re familiar with his work). Here’s IL characters Skip and Gwen heroically escaping the clutches of Scapula and the Sinister Monster Doom Legion!

INTELLIGENT LIFE is currently running in major newspapers and its own site,