start_title_30Today, my dear readers, we wrap up a plot thread that has been dangling since well over a year and a half ago. As you recall, the captive goth duplicate of Jemini was telling her backstory to a mystery person via an on-line ‘counseling session’; today at long last we learn that it was Dr. Jeraukov, criminal psychologist (or psychologist criminal, depending on your perspective), longtime nemesis of Scapula, and former rehabilitation expert of naughty people.

Why has this revelation been kept under wrap for so long? Why doesn’t this have a bigger impact on the situation at hand? The answer is brutally honest and fairly simple: the storyline changed drastically over the course of the year it’s been running. Memento Mori has gone through so many changes since its original draft (as is the case with every story I write, but especially so for a lengthy epic like this one), and the planned chapter of Dr. Jeraukov and Jemini’s scheme was ultimately removed in favor of more important plot details. With the webcomic going on hiatus at the end of the year I still felt it was important to wrap up that thread lest anyone catch me afterwards and scream, “Who the flying hell was she Skyping with?!”

As for Dr. Jeraukov’s plot, the deleted scenes will be included as a bonus chapter if/when Scapula: Memento Mori goes to print and also as an extra for Patreon backers to see ahead of time. Creating comics ain’t simple, my friends, but I do what I do to keep you amused!