So you may have remembered that at the beginning of this storyline there was a note that said it begins “ABOUT A WEEK AGO”. This means that the events of the FLIGHT INTO HORROR storyline took place during the events of the BLESSED BE THE DAMNED story (so Scapula was attacking Burning Man the same night as Jemini was flying with the Miscreants). The bottom line is that Scap has just gotten done with his ‘things are going to change’ inner monologue when that plane comes plopping down.

A lot of people feel like extraordinary coincidences that appear in fiction are often lazy shortcuts or hack writing, and to that I say…well, yeah, sometimes. This is a pretty improbable, even ridiculous, coincidence that has happened. One-in-a-million odds have occurred here, all just to reunite Scapula with his enemies. But does it bother me?