The month of August is going to be fun and interesting for patrons at the Scapula Comics page on Patreon, because we’re going to be trying something new (but equally stoopud as what’s happened before). The difference this time is that YOU will be to blame for the stoopudness that follows!


Most of you probably remember the “choose your own adventure” type of books from your elementary school days, which revolved around picking an option for how the story goes and then flipping to the designated page. What’s happening is sort of based on these books, with a combination of our regular Drawing Requests and the Scapula serial story from last year.


So for the next three weeks (maybe more, depending), you will all be embarking on…SCAPULA’S RUIN YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!


Twice a week you will be given a list of options on what happens next, with the choice that gets the most votes being what will appear in the following installment. The results could get weird, but hey, that’s how it goes around these parts!


The first voting choice began for my patrons last week (they get to have fun!) and the first chapter (and next reader poll) will be posted on Monday, August 2nd.


Be ready to jump right in, newbies, because once we get started it’s going to move fast!