Murder! Mystery! Monsters! Madness! Monkeys!…no, wait, none of those, sorry.

Looking for new adventures of the World’s Worst Villain? While there is indeed a new comic in the works (you can trust a guy who creates supervillains and maniacs, right?), the next exciting story in the Scapula series will be running exclusively on my Patreon page every Sunday beginning May 3rd. Patrons who donate at any level, any amount, will be able to read this new terror tale every week.

Written and illustrated in the style of the classic pulp magazines of yesteryear, Scapula’s Weird Pulpy Thing! follows our favorite bonehead bad guy and his new ally, the domineering dame Margo Jaguarandi, as they take on the latest lunatic in town. Expect a lot of twists, turns, and smelly Lovecraftian nightmares awaiting our ‘heroes’ as they seek to uncover the Mystery of the Masked Mollusk!

Every Sunday a new serial chapter (sometimes two!) will be posted just for my patrons…and if you’d rather have comics, just wait around for the next one, ya kooks!

Thank you all for your continued support of Scapula and his villainous crew (and creator!), and I hope you’ll enjoy this new story.