From the loony who made all those Scapula comics comes The SCARECROW SPOOKSHOW! My new children’s/young adult graphic novel is now available in the Scapula Store.

A local television station has been running the Scarecrow Spookshow program for the past twenty-seven years. A late-night dumping ground for terrible horror/sci-fi films, the show is hosted by Z-list actor Barron DeMonte, who has played his frightening role with gusto for decades…until the day he was fired after a ratings plunge.

Now retired, Barron still lives in a world of spooks and ghouls, silver-screen shocks that have been his act-in-trade in a lifelong career. If that wasn’t enough for the eccentric old man, his two grandchildren Jiselle and Dwight have been placed in his care by their runaway parents. Barron insists that there are strange things afoot, but everyone knows there just isn’t any truth to monsters, ghosts, and other bizarre terrors…right?

Collects 13 tales of hilarious horror for all ages to enjoy!

First off, a humongous thanks to everyone who has ordered the new book and supported my art; hopefully it’s arrived safe and sound by now and has been frightening the entire family!

For those of you who are holding out on joining the fun (too scary for ya?), there’s some good news coming your way: I will be posting several chapters for free to read! There are thirteen stories in the book, three or so of which will be posting a page at a time on Sundays and Wednesdays until the end of the year.

You can find the new comics on both my Facebook art page and here on the Scapula Comics website; Patreon backers at any level will get to read pages a day earlier (Saturdays and Tuesdays), so consider becoming a patron if you want to see more horrible humor!

We’ll survive 2020 just yet, my friends, so here’s hoping this early Halloween treat will help turn those frowns into fang-filled smiles!