Probably my very favorite WTF moment in the book (even if I stupidly spoiled it by including the Santa reveal on the back cover illustration!); I did everything I could to make sure Kwigsnaaar had the most idiotic face I’ve ever drawn to undercut his supposed menace.


The alien’s empty threat and prompt exit is an obscure reference to a Marvel comic called Amazing Adventures (a precursor to the far superior Amazing Adult Fantasy/Amazing Fantasy which introduced Spider-Man), which featured the ongoing ‘adventures’ of proto-superhero Dr. Droom (later renamed Dr. Druid to avoid confusion with Dr. Doom). These stories were pretty weak and often anti-climactic, including one such moment when the hero exposes an undercover alien, who swears vengeance and teleports away. Not surprisingly the alien never carried out his threat, as Droom’s boring stories came to a thankful end and the character’s origin was recycled and greatly improved for Dr. Strange.


…where was I? Oh, right, The Scarecrow Spookshow is also a comic book. Buy it, collectors! Excelsior!