COLLECTIVE OF HEROES – Home of great superhero comics on the web.

GOTHIC COMICS – Dark and delightful comics from lots of dark and delightful creators.


BEARMAN CARTOONS – Political/topical cartoons, with a twist.

DADA HYENA – My first webcomic.

FRANKENSTEIN SUPERSTAR – John Hazard’s monsterwork.

MURD COMICS – Dark and queer tales for mature readers.

SERENITY ROSE – Goth goodness and amazing artwork.

SQUID ROW – a charming comic about coffee, art, and friends.

SULLENGREY (MY BLACKS DON’T MATCH!) -A pleasantly creepy comic.

TARA NORMAL –  kickass ghost hunter.


Let us raise a glass (pick your poison) for some of the great webcomics and webcomics creators whose sites (or, sadly, in some cases their creators) are with us no more (George Ford of Addanac City among them) and numerous others visited this comic frequently and left their comments in support; feel free to dig through the archives and see what they said!