COLLECTIVE OF HEROES – Home of great superhero comics on the web.

GOTHIC COMICS – Dark and delightful comics from lots of dark and delightful creators.

BEARMAN CARTOONS – Political/topical cartoons, with a twist.

DADA HYENA – My first webcomic.

FRANKENSTEIN SUPERSTAR – John Hazard’s monsterwork.

MURD COMICS – Dark and queer tales for mature readers by Alex Murd.

SERENITY ROSE – Goth goodness and amazing artwork by Aaron Alexovich.

SQUID ROW – Bridgett Spicer’s charming comic about coffee, art, and friends.

SULLENGREY (MY BLACKS DON’T MATCH!) -Drew Rausch’s pleasantly creepy comic.


Let us raise a glass (pick your poison) to some of the great webcomics of the past whose sites or, sadly, their creators are with us no more; the great George Ford of Addanac City among them. I also thank the numerous other awesome folks who visited this comic frequently and left their comments in support; feel free to dig through the archives and see what they said!