I’m not especially crazy about ballet, so, being the lowbrow knuckle-dragger that I am, have decided to mock it openly.  Yeah, that’s right!  I’m mocking it!  I’m mocking YOU!  I’m mocking EVERYONE!  And what are YOU going to do about it!  That’s right, YOU–the guy in the third row!

[why am I referencing old Porky Pig cartoons?  Absolutely no reason…must be the Dada kicking in…]

In other news, January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day (and I’m tempted to make some stupid pun about the congested Bay Bridge, but this is fairly serious matter), and Lora Innes, a very cool web cartoonist, has been rallying the troops of on-line comicdom to fight against slavery and all the poopoo-heads who get their kicks from it.   With that in mind, the Comic Creator’s Alliance is asking for donations to fight said poopoo-heads and worldwide slavery, and for your donation you get a neat wall paper with close to a hundred of the coolest female webcomic characters telling you how much they appreciate your care (this is a really awesome collage, which must have taken Lora forever to do, and includes characters from some of my webcomic favorites Addanac City and Odori Park…and somewhere, up in the sky, you may notice SCAPULA‘s lovely nemesis, Jemini, flailing like a chicken!).

So if you want do do a good deed for the week mosey on over to the Comic Creator’s Alliance, and help fight slavery worldwide.  See, even supervillains can fight for a decent cause (although Scapula himself didn’t bother to show up to the occasion…dickweed).