Scap is back!…and lookin’ snazzy in his new costume. He’s had some time to visit his tailor and redesign the ol’ skeleton duds to something fashionable (y’know, if you’re a supervillain).

Now to address the elephant in the room (or the dinosaur, as it were): that big honkin’ robot is the Behemoth. Longtime SCAPULA readers will probably remember this thing from waaaay back in 2011 in the first Sinister Monster Doom Legion story; I didn’t want continuity to bog things down too much since I’m trying to make this new story accessible to both new and old readers, but Scapula’s brief exposition is all you really need to know (especially since he’s leaving out all the business with the sock-puppet…don’t worry, folks, we wont be seeing him in this story).

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