A quick run-down on the Sinister Monster Doom Legion, for those who don’t know, care, or forgot who they are. Aside from Scapula himself, we have:

Hypnausea: flamboyant pervert and hypnotist; he concocts mind-bending drugs and throws hissy-fits.

Babirus: hunchback sewer-dwelling cannibal; the only thing more vile than his appetite is his revolting flatulence.

Toxsick: cool-headed and cold-hearted, he uses poisonous chemicals for mass-murder, even if he’s mostly in it for the money.

Throgor: monstrous man-beast, whose rampages can kill dozens of enemies at a time (even if he goes a little easier on hot ladies).

Dr. Caliban: ‘mad scientist’ and internet troll who frequently shoots his mouth off and pays for it dearly.

Tigadactyl: former tokusatsu stuntman. He can fly.

Sometimes they get along (usually in situations involving money or women) and sometimes they try to kill each other (also over money or women). Will they work together or against each other this time? Let’s find out.