Longtime SCAPULA-readers will know that it’s very rare for me to make references to contemporary pop culture (the only outside references in this comic usually allude to old monster movies and Alice Cooper), so today’s installment may be a bit of a surprise. For those who don’t know, I’m clearly making a parody of the violent smash-hit television series, Ugly Betty (wait, is that even on the air anymore?…huh…now you know why I don’t reference television much).

Sons of Anarchy was an okay show. I used to watch it when my girlfriend and her coworkers had their ‘TV Nights’ (which I am no longer allowed to attend, after going ‘MST3K’ on total crap like House of Lies and Californication). I’m guessing that nearly half of SoA‘s runtime was dedicated to Jax’s ‘dramatic pause speeches’; why these went on and on is likely either a) long pauses supposedly add ‘weight’ to what you’re saying, or b) it’s a convenient way to hide an actor’s Australian accent.

That’s also Danny Trejo in panel 2; SoA fans, please don’t bother pointing out that Trejo’s character on that show wasn’t in Samcro, because I just don’t care. I put in Danny Trejo because he is awesome (like I need to tell you to go watch The Devil’s Rejects).

Well, I got that joke out of my system, and it sorta’ tied in with the story. Carry on, Berserkers.