Call me biased, but I never really got the huge appeal of celebrity wax sculptures.  Yes, it takes an insane amount of work to make a lump of wax resemble an actual person (the human eye and brain are trained to spot anything less-than-perfect about another human’s features…whereas a monster is a monster), but still…I don’t get a huge thrill out of seeing wax doubles of Halle Berry or Harrison Ford or whoever.  Maybe I’ve been in Hollywood too long.

Having a big wax museum in San Francisco instead of southern California is a bit of a stretch, but maybe that’s why the place went out of business and Scap picked it up cheap.  Too bad he didn’t inspect the goods first!

For those of you who enjoyed last week’s video, I’ll be making another one real soon.  And for those of you who DIDN’T enjoy it, I’ll be making another one real soon. NYAH!