Oh no! There’s a new SCAPULA collection in the works; like the first book, this will be a “best of” compilation. Unlike the first book, however, this will be a slightly smaller collection at a much lower price (and for those of you who did buy that first book, you have my sincerest, heartfelt  gratitude…and hold on to that thing, it’s gonna be worth a lot someday!).

Although I was just going to cherry-pick the stories that I felt were the best, I thought it was time to get you dear readers involved and have you all decide which SCAPULA stories you enjoyed the most or felt best represent the series as a whole.

So, if you care to participate, simply cast your vote for the three best SCAPULA stories to be included in this volume.  However, please do not vote for SINISTER MONSTER DOOM LEGION (this is already included in its own volume) or BONE CHINA (since it’s still on-going). For a list of SCAPULA stories, simply refer to the ARCHIVES page.

…and although a “Worst of” book would be funny, it wouldn’t make any sales, so don’t bother voting on that!