Rizz the bartender was pretty much intended to be a one-shot character when she first appeared to provide underground information/plot exposition to Scapula, until I realized that she actually serves a pretty unique role in the series.  She’s someone Scap can talk to about subject matters that he wouldn’t dare discuss with any of his usual company.

Although Scapula normally associates with the likes of Throgor, Hypnausea, and other supervillains, it’s still important to remember that these are all vicious criminals who would easily turn on each other at a moment’s notice.  Letting a group of bastards like them know that you have a new lover is pretty much setting her up to be a potential hostage or, worse, a target.

Rizz isn’t exactly a super-close friend of Scapula’s (she just likes chatting with any of her regular customers), but her role as one of his few female confidantes is why I like using her from time to time.