If any character has gotten a ton of fan hate since this story began, it’s Bone China. I’ve never wanted to ‘step in’ and tell readers who to like and not like, but I will just say that every character (yes, every character) in this comic is guided by their flaws. Will they wise up someday? Well…maybe, but then I’d have no conflict to write about (and then the story¬†turns into that “nice” Itchy and Scratchy cartoon where they smile and drink lemonade).

Patreon-backers may also notice some differences between the final version of this comic and the earlier inked version; remember, folks, I post B&W previews of the Sunday comics every Friday for backers of any amount, so give a little and get more comics!

Feel free to debate in the Comments section and keep on reading, fellow freaks and gothy go-getters!