First of all, let this be known: I do not play political favorites in my comics.  I may be offensive sometimes, but I do take pride in being an equal-opportunity offender.  While today’s strip would seem to be anti-liberal, that’s simply because the majority of San Franciscans lean that way.  I’m not for or against it, I’m just drawing what I’ve seen (and if you want to see me mock the right-wing side, look no further than Scap’s adventure in the south).

Another thought probably on a few readers’ minds: why pick on R. Crumb?  Well, my answer to that is…I’m not.  I like Crumb.  I may not be a die-hard fan, but I still do like his work a lot.  I think he’s an incredibly brave artist who voiced his opinions and revealed his inner demons no matter what people may have thought, and he remains a legend in the comics world.  No amount of lampooning here can ever change that.

Today’s strip called for Scapula to impersonate a figurehead of hippie culture, and I went through a long list of potential celebrities: Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, etc (some of them are dead, but that doesn’t matter much in this comic).  However, none of them quite clicked, because I didn’t really know or care much about them…except for Crumb.  You would think it’s odd that I would choose to roast someone I liked as opposed to someone I either hated or felt indifferent to, but it’s true.  I would rather spend my time ribbing folks that I think are cool instead of just blasting people I despise (I do that in my diary).

Of final note, the Miscreants are disguised as the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, the creation of another great underground cartoonist, Gilbert Shelton.