I’ve ranted a couple of times in the past about not wanting to show sex or nudity in this comic, and it seems like every single time I do there’s just more flesh showing than the time before. Am I being a hypocrite or is this all a shameless ploy to get more people reading this series by baiting them with T&A?

Defending this scene with the same arguments I’ve used before probably doesn’t hold much water, since this is the first time we’ve seen…well, the actual act of love-making displayed and not alluded to; what’s the reason for it this time? The previous two instances were all about setting up a certain mood, whether it was the peaceful afterglow (the Bone China scene), or just lighthearted silliness (the Moonie scene)…but what’s the point of showing it in this context?

To me, the scene above is not really about the sex, but about how pointless the sex has become. There are obviously much bigger problems at stake than an unsatisfactory bedroom performance, and the situation almost feels like one that would lead to a marriage guidance counselor (because they deal with skull-faced husbands and two-headed wives constantly). Whatever pleasures these two may have had before is starting to dwindle down, and when that candle’s burned out…what will these two dangerous characters be left with?

…okay, so I’ve explained at great length once again why I drew a bare butt. Tune in next time when I write several paragraphs defending the orgy scene in the film Caligula.