It’s here, monster rock-and-rollers!Thanks to the generous donations of you fine readers, the new comic publication SCAPULA AND THE SINISTER MONSTER DOOM LEGION is now available for sale! If you weren’t one of the Kickstarter backers but still want to grab a copy for yourself, head on over to the Scapula Store; this massive magazine-sized comic is only $5.99, so you get a whole lot of monstrous goodness at a teeny little price!

Going back to those awesome Kickstarter backers, the final batch of awesome goodies are being sent out today…that’s right, the digital rewards! You’ll be getting the new wallpapers and, depending on your pledge level, PDF books including World’s Worst Villain, Memento Mori, The Sunday Comics, and of course the new Sinister Monster Doom Legion epic.

Making this new comic has been a massive dream-come-true (okay, we’ll stick with the horror-theme and say “nightmare”) and I owe it all to everyone who has kept Scapula alive and kicking for over ten years now. THANK YOU!