Yep…that’s a big ol’ butt.  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen nudity in this comic; the last time, actually, was with another one of Scapula’s romantic acquaintances. When that comic ran I wrote a fairly lengthy diatribe defending the choice to show nudity as more fitting for the mood instead of being pornographic.  While today’s comic is obviously in a completely different context from the rather serious Bone China scene, I still defend it as using nudity for purposes other than pornographic ones.

The tone of today’s comic is pretty damned silly, and the use of nudity is more light-hearted than self-indulgent. ‘Cheesecake’ is a classic theme with cartoonists, although its definition has become blurred over the years by a lot of artists and fans who assume that all depictions of a naked body are for the sole purpose of wanking.  Playboy cartoons, in my opinion, are only very rarely true pornography; the humor can derive from sexy situations or content, but the idea is to make you laugh or smile, not get your rocks off (which I’m sure no one has ever done while looking at Playboy, right?…never mind).

Now, am I going to condemn all smutty cartoons and demand they be taken down from the Internet? Am I saying it’s wrong to get your rocks off?  Nope, because that stuff doesn’t bother me.  I would just rather not have SCAPULA be labeled NSFW. There’s no way this comic will ever qualify as “all ages”, but the audience is definitely narrowed down once it becomes labeled an ‘adult comic’ (the number of page hits might go up, but that’s a whole ‘nother story).

What do YOU think? Leave a comment if you have a different opinion or think I’m a weaselly hypocrite? Just don’t move your bookmark for SCAPULA into that private folder with, y’know, those other sites you glimpse at…!