Call me a pessimist, but it seems like a good number of relationships are built upon misunderstanding.  A lot of us generally assume that others want the same things we want, and it’s often a bit heart-breaking to learn that even the ones closest to you aren’t necessarily on the same wavelength.  There’s really no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ about it; whether you side with Scapula or Jemini is your own call (however, I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter…comment away!).

GANGWAY has been one of my favorite storylines so far, and, from all the wonderful feedback I’ve been getting, it sounds like you super-cool readers have been enjoying it as well.  My initial reluctance to tackle longer stories has all but vanished, so this has been a great experience for me as a writer and artist.  Thank you all for reading and leaving your feedback; it’s always appreciated.

So summer comes to an end, and we close on this chapter.  However, there’s no rest for the wicked, as we jump right into our next storyline.

Next week sees the return of the supervillain cast of SCAPULA, most of whom have been missing in 2010 (I did a recap of the characters in Rogue’s Gallery so no one would forget them).  Expect to see some of your old non-favorites like Throgor and Hypnausea, plus a couple of new villains thrown in for good measure.  This is going to be another really big one.

Also, we’ll see the introduction of the most despicable, frightening menace to appear in SCAPULA.  He’s more powerful than the Dugong, more vicious than Jemini, and he’s more of a terrifying mastermind than Scapula could ever wish to be.