…and so we’ve come to the end of Giant Attack Monsters Mega-Battle. But don’t go running away yet, fellow fiends, because there’s more ghoulish goodness in the new comic Scapula and the Sinister Monster Doom Legion.

Last week I talked about the first story in the collection, Horror in the Wax Museum, but today is a peek at something not a lot of people knew about, not even the initial Kickstarter backers for the project. The final comic was a last-minute addition (which explains why it wasn’t mentioned in the crowdfunding campaign), but is still a personal favorite.

Comic Book Story is a short tale, but is important for two reasons: one, we meet the newest members of the Sinister Monster Doom Legion, seen above. Kamongo (the poor man’s Creature from the Black Lagoon) and Gogmagog (the Frankenstein/Incredible Two-Headed Transplant thingamahooey) were introduced to Patreon backers in 2016; they were originally going to be part of another scrapped story but I liked them enough to induct them into the team. This is currently their only “official” appearance, but hopefully we’ll see them again.

Second, this is a personal recollection about what comics mean to me (and to Scapula). Creativity, imagination, doing art and business for myself, and everything about producing these stories for over ten years is gushed over in loving detail. If you’ve been along for the ride then this one is for you, too.

Of course, for a real trip down memory-lane, there’s also theĀ Scapula: Ten Years of Terrible Terror article, where I look back on the best (and stupidest) storylines from over the years. Both this and the two-page art spread The Monsters’ After-Party can only be found in the print version of Scapula and the Sinister Monster Doom Legion, as my way of saying thanks to everyone who contributed to the funding of its publication.

What’s coming up next week? Be here next Sunday for more info on the new comic and what’s going to be in the next one!