So here’s the new crew.  Throgor and Hypnausea are pretty obvious additions.  Toxsick and Babirus haven’t really been seen since “The Sicko Six” (although they did make cameos in “The Royal Supervillain Theatre presents: The Tempest“).  I was pretty surprised to hear how many readers either absolutely loved, or hated, Babirus, so it’s a pleasure to have his disgusting face grace the pages of this fine comic.

Our two newest recruits are Tigadactyl and Zodi Jr.   Tigadactyl is a character design I found in one of my several million sketchbooks; I had simply created him and forgotten about it, until years later I flipped through one old book and thought he might work.   Zodi Jr is based on the infamous Zodiac killer of the Bay Area (hey, got to keep up with my roots).  Note the little design on his mask.

…and finally, there’s our dreaded leader.  I’ll have more to say about him next week, but for here and now just enjoy his presence.  Trust me, he’s a total badass.