For the unacquainted: Scapula isn’t the only supervillain that Jemini has a history with (or even a bad history).

When Throgor first encountered Jemini (or one of her escaped duplicates) he promptly fell in love with her. When the Jemini duplicate was killed, Throgor sank into depression until Scapula promised that he would find the original Jemini in exchange for Throgor’s allegiance (all of which can be read in THE JEMINI KILLER story arc).

Toxsick had a secret affair with the real Jemini, providing her with information about the Sinister Monster Doom Legion and getting some lovin’ in return. She later tried to have him killed; instead, Toxsick escaped the attempted murder and in retaliation destroyed her first duplication operation. He later told the story to Scapula, albeit with all the parts about him being a traitor unmentioned.

Soooooo…that’s why there’s a bit of tension today.