HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  How fortunate to have this beloved celebration of creeps and creatures fall on a Sunday (in that it’s SCAPULA comic update day…I know all of you trick-or-treaters and partygoers have school and work tomorrow, but just try to enjoy yourselves anyway).

Today’s comic is also a celebration of another upcoming horrifying event: Tuesday marks the Two-Year Anniversary of the SCAPULA webcomic (and, coincidentally, the 83rd birthday of my comics hero, Steve Ditko).  Lord knows I never thought I would make it this far, although I really owe it all to the support of my awesome, loving and naughty readers.  Give yourselves a big round of hugs and gropes, because your enjoyment is what keeps this comic going (and if you want it to stop…well, you can always read Spider-Man).

Have a scary great time tonight, everyone, and be sure to leave some comments telling about your night of mischief!