Behold…BEHEMOTH! Bet you wish you coulda’ got one of these for Christmas!

While this storyline is far from being over, I figured now is as good of a time as any for some reflection (…see, because the new year is coming up).  2010 has really been a wonderful year for SCAPULA, and I’d like to think that there’s been some improvement since the year began (check out the first page of Dadaman for yourselves).  Just as importantly, however, are all of the great new readers who have been following the series and leaving those comments (and buying the books).

Seriously, a great, big, Throgor-sized THANK YOU to all of you for reading these comics.  Creating and sharing my work has been a wonderful experience so far and I’m really looking forward to having you all along for 2011’s stories.  Even after two years, SCAPULA has really only just begun.

I hope you’ll all tune in next Sunday, next year, for the continuing chaos!  Happy New Year, silly people!