I’m very sorry to report that longtime reader Lady Jenn passed away earlier this week; she was only 28.  Jenn was one of my greatest fans, who devotedly read and commented on every new Scapula comic I made for years on end.

Jenn was always a great source of humor, intellect, pathos, and (perhaps most memorably to everyone here) an encyclopaedic knowledge of how to beat up people in the most absurd of scenarios. She loved monster movies almost as much as I do (if that’s even possible!). She spoke from her heart about the characters I created as if they were real people, and believe me, if that isn’t the ultimate compliment to a comics creator then I simply don’t know what is.

The contrast of her write-ups on combat and her intimate comments on life gave me the impression that she was someone who had endured extreme hardship for so many years, but still did not let it take over her. She was capable of great love and herculean support, and she always showed it around here.

It’s common for me, as a cartoonist, to lament about not having millions and billions of readers, but what I can’t lament on is that the readership that I have now is made up of some incredible individuals, and Jenn was most certainly one of the best. Rest in peace, my friend.