We’ve talked before about the first of the extra stories in Scapula: Doubly Dark & Deadly!, starring Nazz and the Halloween Gang, but now it’s time to take a look at the final story in the book, titled ‘Dominion’.

Those of you who backed the Kickstarter or bought and read the book already know the gist (I’m repeating it now to convince you hold-outs to grab it already!):

‘The mind of a madman is a bad place to be, especially if he desires you…so what happens to the people who are locked away in Scapula’s subconscious? Can five unusual women break free from the dark depths, and are they willing to betray one another to escape?’

The story features the return of a number of Scapula‘s female cast, including Bone China, Moonie Meadows, and Deviant Jemini, along with the former star of Dada Hyena (and current star of my Patreon-only adult comics), Christie McGoff. There’s also a new character trapped amongst them, along with Scapula’s very worst enemy…but you’ll have to read it for yourself!