Well, well, well, look who finally decided to show up seven weeks in…yeah, that Scapula guy! Maybe it’s odd that our ‘star’ villain hasn’t been seen much in this story up until now, but rest assured, we’ll be stuck with the skunk for most of the ride. If you DON’T like Scapula, however (and we can’t really blame you), keep reading on below about a story where he doesn’t show up at all!

Also back in Nazz, who the longtime readers will remember has been a pain in everyone’s side for quite a long time. If you’re one of those twisted folks who like her (go’wan, you can admit it around here), you’ll be happy to know that she gets a starring story of her own in Scapula: Doubly Dark & Deadly!

The new issue includes a terrorizing tale all about Nazz and the Halloween Gang, titled “Rawkum Nawkum Punks!”. You’ll see our vicious young idiots go up against nasty enemies, some old (Miscreants, anyone?), some new…we’ll talk more about that next week. Or, y’know…you can just read it for yourself in the new comic!