For the unacquainted: The two-headed woman seen here is Jemini, Scapula’s greatest rival and unrequited love interest…or rather it’s her duplicate. Jemini funded a duplication operation in the SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLES FEATURE storyline, eventually using her new business to create multiple copies of herself.

Jemini began sending out her duplicates to run her gangs across the nation; one such traveling duplicate, however, had her plane hijacked by her gangland rivals (this occurred in the FLIGHT INTO HORROR story) which lead to her being kidnapped by Scapula. Scapula’s ally Hypnausea brainwashed the captive Jemini duplicate into believing she was Scapula’s lover, resulting in the happy couple you see before you.

Got all that? No? Don’t worry, I get confused myself, and I’m the guy who wrote it!