For anyone who complained about past strips with too much dialogue…I offer you: “THOOM! THOOM! THOOM! RRAAAAAARGH!”

Another monster movie homage appears here, in this case it’s the original film version of The Lost World (1925), a movie that was briefly referenced once in a past SCAPULA strip (can you find it?).  I used to love this film as a kid (no, I wasn’t alive back in the twenties, I just really liked old monster movies), and even today it still holds a certain charm missing from later versions.  I’ve seen more than enough bad remakes of this story.

I do feel the need to thank everyone who’s been following along.  I admit it is tough to keep the momentum in a weekly comic serial, and I’m doing everything I can in my life to allow myself to make the sacrifice necessary to bring you SCAPULA strips more than once a week.  It just takes planning (and money, so buy a book if you want to help out!).

We’re coming to the BIG FINISH soon, folks!