The first choice (and probably more logical) for Tigadactyl’s secret identity was Stan Winston.  The teeny little fact that he’s passed this mortal coil scrapped that notion, although I suppose I could have just been silly and made it him anyway (explaining his “death” as simply him disappearing so he could go ‘play monster’).  Hey, I used Eiji Tsuburaya in another strip, right?

Rick Baker is a funny person, even if not intentionally.  Watch the interviews with him on the Universal monster movie collections.  He flaps his hands around a lot (almost like…TIGADACTYL! See, it works! IT WORKS!).

So now we’ve seen the deaths of Darkevilhelldeath-Man, the Behemoth and today’s morgue filler: Zodi Jr (that, and a good chunk of the populace of San Francisco).  If you’re going to have a climax, you might as well bump off as many folks as possible, right?

Tune in next week to find out who’s going next.  This is the end, beautiful friends.