I decided very early on while creating SCAPULA that I didn’t want the character to be insane.  Mental illness is something that is so rarely depicted accurately in comics (not to mention in other media); many times characters are written as “crazy” simply out of laziness or ignorance on the writer’s part.  It would have been far too easy to have made Scapula a half-baked rip-off of the Joker, so I firmly chose that he was sane.  A character’s choices are essentially what makes the character, and this seemed far more appealing that a villain who just cackled maniacally and committed wanton crimes.

…and then this storyline came along and threw all of that up in the air.

The decision to make Darkevilhelldeath-Man a part of Scapula instead of a separate, unrelated entity (as he was originally conceived) was a big experiment in character development, and I like to think that it paid off.  I have no regrets, but am nonetheless anxious to hear the opinions from you bewildered readers.  I also leave it up to you to decide for yourself whether you feel that Scapula is insane or just an emotional mess.

That’s all for Scapula (for now), but there’s still one last loose end to tie up.  Tune in next week for the conclusion (phew!) to SINISTER MONSTER DOOM LEGION.