This was a whole lot of fun, and super busy as well!  The tricky thing about the larger scale comic conventions is trying to compete for customers’ attention, and when you have the big boys of the comics industry in the same room (not to mention a ton of other supremely talented independent artists) it can be difficult to make sales.  Thankfully all an artist really needs is a quick drawing hand and a good attitude (and a shtick doesn’t hurt either; my shtick, for example, was to be completely out of my friggin’ mind) and you can still be a happy, profitable vendor.

…and, of course, having a kickass tablemate also helps.  In this case it was the demonic dynamo of the art world, Nic Caesar, who helped to draw in the crowds and make sure everyone went home happy.

The only downside about being an exhibitor is that every minute away from your table means a risk of not making sales; sadly, I was anchored to my table for the entire weekend and missed out on seeing a lot of cool people.  Aside from some of the pros that I really admire (Art Adams, Eric Powell, Ralph Bakshi, Marv Wolfman, and many others), I wasn’t able to make the rounds and connect with other comic creators.  Networking is a humongous part of this industry, and in the future I plan on attending a few conventions as a regular attendee, simply to meet people and not worry about sales.

Don’t get me wrong: working a table is great!  I simply can’t promote enough the value of running your own table, and highly recommend all of my fellow webcomic creators who haven’t done it to start hitting those convention circuits.  Maybe I’ll see you there, whether I’m behind another table or not!