The bearded feller is based on Mel Brooks, if that wasn’t completely obvious.  It’s good to be da’ King.

No ideas are ever wasted on cartoonists: the Miscreants are made up of ‘reject’ character designs I found in my sketchbooks, which alone wouldn’t have worked well but put together are…well, even worse!  I also made them a rock band because this comic needed at least one ‘theme’ team.

You may have noticed there’s at least four characters seen here with near-indecipherable speech patterns or accents.  Playing with the English language has long been a tradition of comic artists (such as George Herriman, Al Capp and Walt Kelly), and dialogue can be as much of an art form in comics as the drawings.  Besides, it’s not like theses guys are as hard to figure out as Dadaman or Inverto.

“April Fool’s, mutha-f***kas!”