Just a quick recap on the cast of creeps before we move on.  One of the villains on this page is going to play a major role in the next story, but I’ll let you guess which one it’s going to be (and no, it’s not Little Miss Miserable).

But first, your creepy Uncle Aidan wants to tell all of you sweet girls and boys some delightful news:

Starting next week the comics will be displayed in an even bigger size than before, so you’ll all have more to enjoy!  It seems in these tough times that the only way to compete with all of the other fine distractions on the internet is to make a superior product, so therefore I’m doing whatever I can the make the Scapula comic more enjoyable to all of you loving readers out there.

So spread the word around, in the classroom, the office, the discotheque or the abbatoir: SCAPULA, every Sunday, ever improving, onward and upward to glorious webcomic heights! Excelsior!  Nuff said!  Don’t have a cow, man!  Cowabunga!  SPOON!