Well, beloved reader, it looks like you’ve joined the fun at the best possible moment.  This is the beginning of the biggest, longest, most surprising SCAPULA story so far, so prepare yourself for some excitement, suspense, and loser supervillains getting punched in the nads!

Returning to the spotlight is Jemini, who I haven’t used in a very long time (the last we saw of her was her daring escape from cannibals).  Jemini was originally intended to be one of the central characters in SCAPULA, although sadly I never got around to using her too much up until now.  I’m hoping you will all grow to love her as much as you’d love any short-tempered, zaftig gangster woman with dos cabezas.

I don’t remember when exactly I got into Dick Tracy (a possible guess is the Warren Beatty film, although I don’t recall watching it much during my youth).  In any event, Chester Gould’s original comic masterpiece  has provided me with plenty of crazy ideas to play off of, and continues to be a great source of inspiration.   The gallery of deformed crooks above (including a cameo by my personal favorite Gould villain) could only have been inspired by Tracy.

Prepare yourselves, gang: this story’s going to be a BIG one!