Next Saturday (May 6th) is Free Comic Book Day, a nationwide event made to get people (especially the kids) to actually read comics again! As part of the event I will be doing free sketches and selling art and books at Arsenal Comics and Games in Newbury Park, CA. Other guests at the FCBD event there will be Gerry Conway, Bernard Chang, Brad Walker, and James Tynion. The store is owned by comic artist Paul Roman Martinez (The Adventures of the 19XX) who helped me produce SCAPULA: WORLD’S WORST VILLAIN in 2015.

If you aren’t in the area at least make sure you visit your local comic store that day to give them some business and keep this funnybooks industry afloat. Excelsior! Nuff Said! Flame on! Hulk Smash! Rosebud! I am your father! This is an ex-parrot! OH HAI, MARK!