The undignified end of the Halloween Gang.  I liked them, honestly (I wouldn’t have named them after my best friends if I didn’t), but they never really developed as characters within the comic.  That’s usually a sign to writers/creators that someone needs to be jettisoned, and it looks like our friends in the monster masks just got the axe (or steely-jawed dentures).

I thought back on them a bit and finally realized that they never really worked in the series.  Think about it: Scapula commands respect from NO ONE, and is a completely friendless outcast.  There’s really no reason why anyone would allow him to be in charge of a gang (unless he paid his troops really, REALLY well, which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t).  Why wouldn’t these guys have already beaten the hell out of their dorky employer and stolen all his stuff?  And what’s the deal with gas prices these day?!

So there you go: I, as the sole creator/writer/artist of this series, confess to my creative faults.  The fat has been trimmed.  Plus it’s always nice to see central characters get killed off, so I thought I’d ‘Gwen Stacy’ these idiots just to show how much of a meanie Sharkmouth Massanti can be…hey, crime’s a dangerous business, kids!

Of final note, the Three Stooges are very funny.