North Beach, San Francisco, always seemed like the perfect exercise in dichotomy: to one side you have the clean-cut Italian diners, yuppie coffee bars and gelato shops, and to the other side you get the mecca of Bay Area strip joints, whore houses and sleazy porn shacks.  I always wondered if this was set up intentionally (maybe Two-Face was involved?) or if it was all just a great big coincidence.  You have to see it to believe it, folks.

On an unrelated topic, today marks the twentieth anniversary of the passing of Jim Henson (I don’t think ‘anniversary’ feels like the best term, but anyway…).  Jim Henson is one of those wonderful creators who really did change the world for the better just by being imaginative and kind, sharing his gift and happiness with everyone.  The Muppets are among the earliest happy memories of my life that I can still recall, and while I never really pursued much of a career in show biz (…yet), I’d like to believe it was Henson who first stoked the fires of my imagination.

Anyone who’s ever known me personally will see the Fozzie Bear resemblance, as I have been, and always will be, an awful, awful comedian!