First off, a big apo-polly-logie for last week’s installment.  I do try to keep this comic PG-13, not only for my own reputation, but for the reputation of you other fine webcomic creators who leave comments and link to me.  I don’t want any sort of smutty, smeary rep to spread around my loyal readers and supporters, so rest assured I’ll try to clean up my act a little and you wont be seeing anymore…flashlights.

Now then, on to today’s graphic display of immorality.

Violence against women is bad, so take that in mind before you kids go off shooting prostitutes through the torso.  Violence against men, however, is still cool, especially when they wear dorky skull-masks and whine a lot.

The most warped perspective I’ve ever drawn can be seen in the staircase panel (seriously, even the perspective in my The Cupboard of Dr. Calibani was more accurate!).