The earliest drawings I ever did of Scapula portrayed him as very thin and spindly, which sort of fit his ‘skeleton costume’ motif.  When the series’ humor became somewhat self-deprecating I thought it became necessary to show how truly out of shape Scapula was, resulting in his less-than-stellar physical condition above.   There’s nothing really funny about portraying the characters with six-packs and bustling pecs.

On the same topic, Jemini is a rather heavy girl, but that’s because I really enjoy zaftig ladies.  Whenever other guys ask me why I’m a “chubby-chaser” I give them this reply (read it out loud in a stereotypical Texan man’s voice): “When a man goes to a steak house he don’t order no plate full a’bones to gnaw on!  He gets hisself a big, juicy piece a MEAT ta sink his teeth into, aint I right! YeeeHAW!”.

Was that funny, disturbing or sad?  If all of the above, it sums up SCAPULA (and myself) rather nicely.