I’m really not a fan of the new California Academy of Sciences (Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, for those who don’t know).  A big part of my childhood was removed forever when the museum was torn down and rebuilt into a more modern, “popular” setting (a “living garden” on the roof! Wwwwooow…what hippie wouldn’t love that?).  The majority of my favorite exhibits are either gone or reduced to practically nothing; the African Hall is pathetic compared to its beautiful former counterpart, and the loss of the Gary Larson Hall is enough to make all cartoonists cry.  I guess ANY museum is better than nothing, although I refuse to enter the De Young Art Museum across the way, due to its ugly-ass new construction.  Hey, I’m allowed to be a crotchety old curmudgeon once in a while!

The “knowitall” describing the jellyfish is a jab at any number of people I overhear at the Zoo giving out horribly-incorrect “facts” about animals.  As an amateur zoologist, I get anal-retentively upset when I hear folks making up all sorts of crap about how hyenas are dogs or how pterodactyls are dinosaurs or how all herbivores are safe company because “they don’t eat meat”.  Get a copy of ZooBooks, dummies!